Giggle Poetry
Tons of student written poetry as well as mini lessons for poetry. Also has word games as well as autobiographies of published poets.


This site has all kind of lesson plans for writing fiction. It has Reader's Theatre and group writing projects. Very interactive.


This is an online theme park. The goal is to become a "Junior Ranger". All kinds of cool games.

Hot Apple Pie

Found on the OR online. This wiki space is full of activities plus I tried the automatic text summarizer and found it very user friendly.


This is AWESOME! When looking for videos, I typically have looked to which is part of Discovery Education. I probably would still check there but this is an excellent bonus resource. The reason I like this website is twofold. First, all subjects are outlined on the homepage. Second, all videos are categorized by grade level and reviewed by teachers.

Math Wire

I can't wait to use this site. It's activities and games organized by content standards. Tons of pdf files free for download.

Handwriting Worksheet Maker

These are cool for learning manuscript or cursive. I've used these with my son and teaching cursive.

Thanksgiving Bracelet

Making the Thanksgiving Bracelet using a pipe cleaner and pony beads. Blue for ocean, white for sails of the ship, black for the hard times the first winter when so many died, crystal for the friendship of the Indians who helped them, green for the corn that Squanto showed them how to plant, yellow-corn, red-berries, brown-turkey for the feast. You could add or change the colors to fit your story if you like.

Found on a Yahoo group to use.

Apples 4 The Teacher - A Primary Website
Educational resources for the classroom and homeschooling. Resources include interactive games, coloring pages, stories, poems, and printables.


This is an animation of plate tectonics and changing of the land over the last 1100 million years. Very useful site for science. Again, useful for science integration with Harcourt Trophies Rocking and Rolling.

Make Beliefs Comix

This website is an interactive site that has a comic strip creator, includes a section for teachers, examples of comics in action through a website on YouTube.

Volcano World

This website is awesome! It has virtual field trips of volcanoes, TONS of information and track all dormant and active volcanoes. This can be used in the science curriculum as well integration for Harcourt Trophies Rocking and Rolling.

One of a Kind Literacy Bags

This site looks awesome for back to school, small groups, etc. These are products that you buy but they look like quality according to the feedback.

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